ICTeD Services is about enhancing Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century.


Mark Richardson is an ex primary school teacher from Melbourne, Australia, who runs ICTeD Services
He has wide experience as a teacher, presenter, writer and professional learning organiser.

If you are interested in implementing 21st century teaching and learning in your classroom, school or network, then ICTeD Services may be able to help.

ICTeD Services can structure programs to cover any or all the following:

• Effective Use of Digital Content
• Digital Technologies curriculum implementation
• Inclusive Curriculum
• Consultancy
• Personalised Learning
• Digital Citizenship & CyberSafety
• Challenge Based Learning
• Pedagogy and Curriculum Models
• Learning Places and Spaces - design & usage
• Professional Development Models and Modules
• eLearning Integration into all Curriculum Subjects / Domains
• Collaboration for Students and Teachers
• Change Management

ICTeD Services has a companion website which demonstrate some of the projects it has completed.

Contact Mark to further talk about professional learning or training needs.